Mobile Air Conditioning Test

A mobile air conditioning is not only in summer an enrichment, but also in cold temperatures, you can give the room the ideal temperature. The mobile air conditioners are available in various sizes, so that not only private rooms, but also larger event rooms get a perfect climate. As the name suggests, these air conditioners are designed to be easily transported.

The correct temperature is usually set via a panel that is easy to operate. However, there are also mobile air conditioners that are equipped with a timer so that the room can be cooled or heated at the desired time without having to be there yourself. In addition, most mobile air conditioners have additional programs such as dehumidification and ventilation. Very often there is also an additional sleep timer, a turbo mode and a biofilter, which filters Pollrn and the like directly from the room air.

Dehumidification function

The dehumidification function can be used to dehumidify a room in order to prevent the formation of mould or to regulate the humidity in summer to an optimum level, which makes the stay more pleasant.

According to the mobile air conditioning test, a mobile air conditioning unit always makes sense if you do not want to install fixed systems or if you only want to use the system for a short time, similar to a frost monitor. Most mobile air conditioners are equipped with castors for easy transport, but you should keep in mind that such a device weighs about 40 kg and if there are heels in the rooms, transport problems can occur. The power consumption of a mobile air conditioner is very high. You should consider this especially if you want to use the device for a longer period of time. Also, the volume of such a device is not to be despised, which can then be very annoying.

When buying a mobile air conditioner, be sure to pay attention to the following
According to the mobile air conditioning test, you should consider some basic considerations before buying such a device.

Room size and height

The size of the room to be cooled is an important purchase criterion. In order to buy the right device, the square meters of the room should be multiplied by the height of the room. You then get the room content and can choose the right unit size. The size of the unit should, of course, also take into account the circumstances of the room. A room with large windows or an attic usually heats up more than a normal room. The insulation of the room should not be disregarded.

The cooling capacity

The cooling capacity is the next important criterion. At first glance one might think that the cooling capacity has to do with the right coolant. This is wrong, because what counts here is primarily the conditions of the room. As already mentioned, this refers to the insulation of the room, the type of room and also the number of windows. For more details see more here now.

The mobile refrigerator test gives the tip that one must multiply the room volume by a certain factor number in order to determine the correct cooling capacity. These factor numbers lie between 15 and 70 and are distributed over a wide range of rooms. Thus for example with a cellar the factor number 15 is enough, while one must put the factor number 70 on the basis for a winter garden.

The energy efficiency

As already mentioned, mobile air conditioners need very much river. For this reason one should throw already with the purchase a view to the energy efficiency. Cheap devices very often have high consumption values, which quickly make the device unprofitable. It is therefore well worthwhile to use a somewhat more expensive device.

The volume

The compressor in the mobile air conditioner is very loud, so such systems are less suitable for use in an office or bedroom. Devices with a volume of 50 decibels are already considered quiet.

When using a mobile air conditioning system, it is essential to observe the following
The mobile air conditioner test gives the advice that every mobile air conditioner must be regularly cleaned and, above all, decalcified. Cleaning the unit is very important because dangerous germs such as Legionella could accumulate in the hose. Of course, the cleaning also applies to the filter that is supposed to filter the pollen out of the air.

Under no circumstances should the exhaust hose of the mobile device be extended just because it is better to get to a window. Otherwise the hot air would already cool down in the hose and become condensation water, which could then run back into the device.

Mobile air conditioners under test

In a test conducted by Stiftung Warentest, the mobile air conditioning systems, also known as monoblock units, did not perform particularly well. They are not very efficient and can only be used to a limited extent. Although you can install a mobile air conditioner almost anywhere, you should always be aware of the disadvantages such as volume and power consumption.

The Stiebel Eltron ACP 24 was chosen as the test winner. The device is suitable for rooms up to 25 square meters. It can cool and dehumidify the room. With a volume of 43 decibels, the mobile air conditioning system is at the limits of what is tolerable. The energy efficiency class is given as A here. Average costs of 20 cents per hour can be expected.

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