Model Reveals Beauty Secrets

Simple tips and tricks

They are not only tall, slim and beautiful – they also have flawless skin. The good news: Even with supermodels, the good genes alone are not responsible for the radiant complexion. Anyone who thinks that Bella Hadid and Co. rely on expensive luxury cosmetics is wrong. Many swear by quite unusual care routines that cost little and really work.

Toothpaste against pimples

The model sisters Bella Hadid (22) and Gigi Hadid (23) swear by a well-tried trick: toothpaste! “My sister once advised me to do this and I have the feeling that it really helps,” Bella revealed in an interview. The trick actually works because the toothpaste literally dries out the pimple and also eliminate wrinkles and expression lines. However, it should only be used as an emergency weapon and very sparingly on the affected areas – otherwise skin irritation can occur.

Deep cleansing with steam

Olivia Hunter regularly cleanses her pores deeply so that the skin can recover from all the make-up between runways, shootings and castings. And for her spa visit, the newcomer model simply puts on a bowl of hot water and holds her face over it for a few minutes with a towel. If you like, you can add some mint tea or sea salt – pores can hardly be cleaned cheaper!

Ex-supermodel Karolina Kurkova (35) also swears by water vapor and also relies on a rather sour morning routine: lemon juice for face washing. “The acid clears my pores and dries out spots immediately. That may not sound so glamorous, but my skin has been glowing since I did it,” says the beautiful Czech.

Ice water for a fresh complexion

No one should know better than Kate Moss (45): To still look fresh after a long party night, you need a small beauty measure. “Put ice and cucumber slices in a sink and put your head in it,” Moss once explained in an interview with the Daily Mirror. The cold immediately makes your skin look fresh and plump again – and you’re awake afterwards too!

Brush massage for firm skin

Former “Victoria’s Secret” angel Miranda Kerr (35) is extensively occupied with the subject of skin care, she has even launched her own beauty label on the market. But expensive skin care products are not her only beauty secret: the Australian-born woman swears by daily brush massages, which stimulate the blood circulation and thus ensure a firm skin appearance.

Sylvie Meis reveals her beauty secrets

Sylvie Meis is currently hosting her show “Sylvie’s Dessous Models” on RTL, and here the girls’ appearance is in the foreground. Meis is also admired by many women for her looks. Now the 40-year-old reveals what she does for them.

Sylvie Meis is 40 years old and is envied by many women for her good and youthful appearance. At an event in her home country Holland, the presenter now revealed that she doesn’t owe this solely to her good genes, but that she has a lot of work behind it.

Chemical-free skin care and peelings

According to Meis, beauty comes primarily from within. The anti-aging tea, which she supposedly drinks every day, certainly supports her in this. But Meis also helps a little from the outside, as she admits: “I generally pay attention to chemical-free skin care.

That is particularly important to me! I also try to drink up to two litres of water a day, cream myself well and richly, make peelings for face and body from time to time and also regularly use eye and face masks with glow effect”.

Not always perfect

Of course, despite all the perfection Sylvie Meis strives for, there is also something about her that she doesn’t like so much about her body. Although she doesn’t reveal what it is exactly, she says how she deals with it: “Of course, a body can’t be completely perfect. But this motivates me rather than makes me unhappy. If I notice something that I think needs improvement, I focus my sports program on that spot and I’m all the more excited about achieving results.

Unfortunately, not every woman is as disciplined as Sylvie Meis. Five days a week she sticks to her strict nutrition plan, on the other two days she sometimes gets sinful. “Since I am a big chocolate fan, it usually boils down to that. But I really enjoy that! I don’t think anyone should forbid anything.

It’s your own decision when you take something and how you want to reward your body.” And Christmas – as for most of us – is a real challenge: “One Christmas party follows the next – you can see cookies and stollen everywhere. Christmas is the time to enjoy, you shouldn’t let it take you.

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